What's Happening

Check out What's Happening at our Parishes in the next few weeks. You can also go to our calendar for more of What's Happening.

We are so excited that we can now have some of our activities back in person, so check out our Bible Study Thursdays at 10am in the St. Stephens church hall.

An Evening of Reflection: YES this is an in Church Event   


Adoration At Holy Trinity Mondays 8:30am-5:00pm    

We are Having 2 NEW virtual Bible Studies, Check out the flier below for more information on Tuesdays starting 2/23/20 . Our other Study, Gospel of St. John is be hosted by our very own Father Scardella On Wednesday Nights At 6:30 for more information email: [email protected] 


Our Fish Fry (take out only) at St. Stephens is on St. Josephs Day. Check out our Saint of the Day Page, a very interesting read.

 Just a reminder that Holy Trinity and St. Stephen's both have on line giving on the website. Just go to you church icon on the home page and follow the links instructions. Or just go to on- line giving on the home page. You can set it up to give weekly, monthly, a one time donation, etc. Check it out and take the stress away .