Holy Trinity Altar Rosary Society

Holy Trinity Altar Rosary

         The Altar Rosary Society of Holy Trinity Church meets

monthly September - November and March – May on the third

Tuesday of the month at 1 pm in the Bishop’s Study. (We do not

meet in the winter and summer months.) Our meetings are

informal. We gather in the Chapel Mary to pray the Rosary, then

begin our meeting with refreshments and casual visiting.  The

minutes of the last meeting are read, the treasurer’s report is given

and old business is reviewed.  We discuss ways to support the

parish with suggestions and guidance from Father Scardella, our pastor. 

      Our Altar Rosary membership is a small but active group.

We host receptions for First Communion, Confirmation,

and other parish events. Our latest project is the implementation

of Trivia Night quarterly which has been a roaring success and fun

for all who attend. In the Christmas season we volunteer to man

the Salvation Army kettle at Price Chopper and donate to Unity

Acres, Catholic Charities and others.

      In the past, the Altar Rosary donated flags placed at the

entrance of the Church.We purchased special Altar cloths for the altars

and new palls for the chalices. Other donations included new light  

fixtures for the entrance ways and the purchase of  

student and teacher editions of Faith Formation books. We gave a

$500 scholarship toward a student tuition at Trinity Catholic

School in Oswego, purchased a bookcase for the Chapel Mary,

and bought new outfits for the Infant of Prague. We were happy  

to donate money for new standing vases for the main altar area

along with new liners for existing vases. Most recently we

purchased 22 new albs for the altar servers.

          Another important way our membership helps the parish is

volunteering to clean the altar areas in the main Church and Chapel

Mary. Those who are able to help work in pairs once every 3-4 weeks.

       We hope to increase our membership and welcome both men

and women of the parish as new members at anytime.  Come join

us!  We are a small group with big goals…but we need to grow.

Our strength is in our dedication.  Please consider us for your parish


If you have questions or need a ride, please let us know.

Officers for the 2020-21 year are

  Janet Weldin

Vice-President: Maryann Langlois

Secretary:  Mary Sugar

Treasurer:  Barbara Abbott

For more information, please contact Janet at  (315)593-6848 or email at  [email protected]