" Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,Baptizing them in the Name of the Father,and the Son, and the Holy Spirit..." Matthew 28:19:20

Congratulation on the birth of your child. We at Holy Trinity & St. Stephens are so happy that you want to have you baby Baptized. The Baptism of your child provides an opportunity to examine your own Christian life and spirituality. You are saying that you want to share you Christian Faith with your child,this commitment to raise your child within the Catholic Church community of believers and to educate them about Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith. 

It is presumed that a central part of this commitment will be coming to weekly Mass. 

Please call the parish office for and appointment 315-598-2118 for St.Stephens call 315-695-4531

A Baptism requires a Godparent. You may have 2 Godparents. One must be a Confirmed Catholic and a member of a Church, a Baptized non-catholic can be a Christian Witness and help the Godparents raise the child in a mature Faith. Godparents are an integral part of the conventional relationship. They, along with the parents, are responsible for the faith development of the child being baptized. Those serving as Godparents must be willing to help the child they sponsor lead a Christian life in harmony with baptism and fulfill the obligations connected.