Senior Youth Group

Confirmation Prep...

9-10th Grades: We will journey through the entire Catholic Faith in all its richness and vitality;  from Creation all the way through salvation history. We will come to see how the sacraments, prayer, and discipleship are the key to a happy life.

The goal of this 24-lesson program is nothing short of winning over the hearts of teens and making them disciples of Christ. 

What Are All Searching for Something...

11-12th Grades (for 2020-2021): What are you searching for? Is life a journey taking you somewhere,  or are you leading yourself to a destination? It is what we do with our lives that makes all the  difference. It matters not, how much we own, the cars... the house...the cash- what matters is how we live and love and how we spend our time. The Search features scientists, astronauts, artists, and fellow searchers who uncover life's Big questions on happiness, purpose, meaning and faith.

Contact Margaret at 315-695-4608 or Email: [email protected]